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      Pulp & Paper

      High energy costs and too much process variability are just the beginning of your challenges.?

      Reduce Process Variability, Energy Use And Equipment Downtime

      In the highly-competitive pulp and paper industry, top performers have discovered ways to increase production and quality while minimizing costs. For decades, Emerson’s experts have guided many companies down the path to operational excellence, reducing energy and chemical use, production downtime, and process variability.?

      Media & Case Studies

      Celulosa Arauco teamed with Emerson to commission the world’s largest “smart” pulp mill.

      The Latest

      Blog Post

      Improved Emissions And Lower Fuel Costs at RDM Blendecques

      New combustion optimization solution proposed by Emerson energy experts improves combustion efficiency by 3%.
      Nov 3, 2016
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      Fuel Your Bottom Line With Real-Time Insight Into Site Energy Performance

      New energy management information system enhances the way you monitor, target, and report energy use.
      Oct 4, 2018
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      Blog Post

      Human Centered Design Meets SmartProcess Cook

      SmartProcess Cook for batch digesters receives overhaul to enhance ease of use and quick identification of process issues.
      Nov 3, 2016
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