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    1. Coal Power Generation Plant

      Power Generation

      Today’s operational realities are making it more difficult to achieve your business objectives.

      Longview Coal Power Generation Plant

      Enhance Power Generation Operational Readiness

      As a power producer, you’re facing dynamic times. Renewables, plant cycling, regulatory compliance and an evolving workforce are all making it more difficult for you to achieve your business objectives. It’s because of these challenges that more and more power producers are turning to Emerson. Our team of power industry experts work with you to enhance your operational readiness – improving plant availability and flexibility while also enhancing workforce proficiency and productivity.

      The Latest


      Emerson at POWER-GEN 2019

      Connect with Emerson experts at POWER-GEN 2019 to discuss how you can enhance your operational readiness. Download a free exhibit pass.
      Nov 1, 2019
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      News Release

      Emerson Selects Dragos to Collaborate on Cybersecurity Protection for Power and Water Industries

      Companies leverage their respective strengths to help customers more effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats
      Jul 29, 2019
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      News Release

      Emerson and Vayu Form Alliance to Optimize Wind Energy Farms with Machine Learning

      Integrated technology solution minimizes energy loss, maximizes clean energy output and revenue for wind farm operators
      May 8, 2019
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