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      Oil & Gas

      In the face of adversity, ensure efficient and effective use of resources for optimal operation.


      Meet Oil & Gas Production Targets and Safely Optimize Your Operations

      Oil?& gas companies strive to meet business and performance goals. Constantly changing market dynamics and operational challenges can make it difficult. By partnering with Emerson, you’ll have access to a global network of automation experts and process management capabilities—from the reservoir to production, through transmission and gas processing. Emerson can help you safely optimize operations and maximize production, while making the most efficient use of your resources.

      The Latest


      News Article: E&P software can be profit enabler in tough times

      A recent article in Offshore magazine details how oil and gas producers are leveraging advances in exploration and production software to...
      Mar 29, 2018
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      News Release

      Enhanced Reservoir Software Offers More Robust Risk Analysis and Reserves Estimates

      Roxar Tempest? 8.2 comes with Big Loop? extensions and greater third party integration taking reservoir engineers beyond traditional flow...
      May 8, 2018
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      News Release

      Repsol Selects Emerson for Multi-Year Exploration Technology Contract

      Global energy company standardizes on Emerson’s Exploration & Production software suite for maximum production efficiencies
      Mar 27, 2018
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