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      Mining, Minerals & Metals

      These days, it’s crucial you find every ounce of opportunity to improve your existing operations.?

      Extract More From Your Operations And Reclaim Your Profitability

      You need to identify process efficiency?and keep your equipment operational, while also ensuring the safety of your staff. That’s why companies choose Emerson. We work with you to understand your specific challenges, and then help you extract more availability, more efficiency, and more productivity from your operations.

      Media & Case Studies

      Monitor Your Most Complex Mining Asset - The Electric Rope Shovel

      The Latest

      News Release

      Canadian Mine Earns Emerson’s Reliability Program of the Year

      Annual award recognizes Detour Gold for strategy to achieve top quartile availability
      Oct 5, 2018
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      News Release

      New Emerson Knife Gate Valve Fills Market Gap for Mid-Service Mining Applications

      New Clarkson SU10R knife gate valve for mid-service applications eliminates the compromise between light-service and heavy-duty valves with a...
      Nov 14, 2017
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      New Cyclone Monitoring System Keeps Things Moving At Copper Mountain

      Downstream incidents from roping and plugging cut to zero using early detection system from Portage Technologies.
      Dec 26, 2018
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