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      Life Sciences & Medical

      Automation expertise and technology to help regulated manufacturers increase operating efficiency and optimize production.


      Lower Costs, Reduce Time to Market, and Improve Quality

      From medication to devices, life science and medical device manufacturers strive to create innovative and reliable products that help people lead healthier lives. Emerson has the automation expertise and technology to solve your greatest cGMP manufacturing challenges and create effective solutions for improving your data management, real-time product quality, reliability, and operating costs.?From design to implementation and startup to on-going optimization, rely on Emerson to stay competitive in a global economy.

      The Latest


      Moving Toward Unified Process Control for Biopharma

      Traditional barriers between upstream and downstream bioprocessing are slowly starting to break down, as biopharma embraces more advanced...
      Mar 28, 2019
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      Emerson at PACK EXPO 2019

      Discover Emerson's leading portfolio of packaging technologies and expertise at booth LS-6107
      Aug 1, 2019
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      News Release

      Emerson builds strategic relationship to accelerate life sciences product pipelines

      Agreement with Enterprise System Partners (ESP) expands project management support for Syncade MES projects to meet industry’s increased need for...
      Sep 5, 2017
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