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      Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities

      You just think you need to accept high energy costs and excess emissions for dependable utility operations.?

      Enhance Your Profitability Through Better Industrial Energy And Utility Performance

      Stable utility operations are needed to support all production. Energy is a large part of your operating costs and emissions constraints are increasing. With Emerson’s help you can make utility performance reliable and responsive, improve efficiency, maximize low cost fuel use, and lower emissions… all at the same time.

      The Latest

      News Release

      Emerson completes burner management system migration for Sasol

      Emerson’s Burner Management solution allows furnaces to go safely through all relevant states, from startup, to operation, to shutdown.
      Apr 18, 2017
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      Hangzhou Tobacco Reduces Safety Risks and Improves Energy Efficiency

      Emerson’s solution provides realtime diagnostic data so the operators know the three steam trap states: normal, blocked, or leaking.
      Mar 31, 2017
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      Plant modernization for energy efficiency and loss control

      Plants are investing in modernization to add a second layer of automation focused on improving energy efficiency and loss control.
      Mar 31, 2017
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