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      Automotive Manufacturing

      In a fiercely competitive market where cost, features, and flexibility must be balanced, Emerson helps you achieve productivity and functionality.


      Solutions to Upgrade Your Automotive Production Processes

      The automotive industry is one the prime movers of the economy. As a manufacturer, you strive to produce quality components and vehicles in a fast-paced environment impacted by changing trends. Emerson helps improve your efficiency and flexibility to stay on time and on budget.

      The Latest

      News Release

      FCA Selects Emerson's RIDGID? Technology for New Minivan's Built-in Vacuum System

      Innovative Stow ’n Vac system powered by Emerson technology is helping Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reinvent the minivan for today’s busy families.
      Apr 18, 2017
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      News Release

      Emerson Announces New Vibration Welder as Compact Solution for High-Quality, Fast-Cycle Production

      The powerful features of the Branson GVX–2H/2HR enable fast-cycle vibration welding of plastic components in automotive applications.
      Apr 26, 2016
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      When Vibration Welding is the Best Choice

      Vibration welding has long been a process of choice for automotive components that have complex geometries.
      Sep 26, 2016
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