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    1. Home Products

      Home Products

      Combining unbeatable reliability with cutting-edge innovation, our home products make life easier for you and your customers.

      Food Waste Disposers1

      Food Waste Disposers

      Incredibly rugged, unbelievably quiet, InSinkErator? garbage disposals effortlessly eliminate even tough food waste like cornhusks, bones and melon rinds. No matter the size of your kitchen or your budget, we have a disposal perfectly suited to meet your needs and one that will quietly perform for years.

      Home Repair and Maintenance

      Home Repair and Maintenance

      Our RIDGID? home repair and plumbing installation products deliver durable performance you can rely on in any environment. From generators and pressure washers to power and hand tools to drain cleaning equipment, you’re sure to find the solution you need to tackle even your toughest projects.?

      Instant Hot Water Dispensers

      Instant Hot Water Dispensers

      Dispensing near boiling water right at your sink, InSinkErator? instant hot water products are a convenient addition to any kitchen and we offer a number of looks and finishes sure to match any décor.

      Black Sensi


      When it comes to indoor comfort, our?unbeatable line of easy-to-install Emerson and Sensi? thermostats?deliver?a unique combination of precise control, energy savings and cutting-edge innovation.?

      Residential Vacuums


      Our RIDGID?, WORKSHOP? and ProTeam? vacuums deliver unmatched performance, filtration and durability to?stand up to any cleaning challenge around the house. Available in wet/dry, backpack, cordless and upright models, we offer a full line of vacuums built for any mess.?

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