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    1. Keeping your surroundings safer, comfortable and productive.

      Since 1951, EasyHeat has delivered the broadest line of high performance products to efficiently and safely deliver heat in residential and commercial applications. Using innovative designs, superior materials and relentless quality control, EasyHeat offers easy-to-install, reliable heating products that have earned the trust and satisfaction of our customers. From de-icing and pipe freeze protection to warming kitchen floors, you’ll find the ideal solution.


      The Latest

      In-Pipe Heating System Keeps Water Supply Lines Freeze-free and Running All Winter Long

      To help ensure a reliable water supply, use EasyHeat’s In-Pipe Self-regulating Heating System to provide in-pipe freeze protection for supply lines.
      Sep 13, 2016
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      Floor Warming Cables for Uncoupling Membranes

      WarmTiles? DMC cables are compatible with commercially available uncoupling membranes for the easiest, most cost-effective flooring installations.
      Nov 20, 2017
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      Sno*Melter? Mats are the Simple Solution for a Safer Sidewalk this Winter

      Simple to install, they offer safe, reliable snow melting throughout the winter months for driveways, sidewalks, patios and stairs.
      Sep 13, 2016
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