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    1. Plastic Welding Branson

      Laser Plastic Welding

      Branson’s patented laser plastic welding technology delivers the cleanest and most precise joints.

      Laser Precision Delivering Exceptional Quality

      A particulate-free process creates exceptional aesthetics and enhances design freedom. Scalability and faster cycle times improve yield rates, while our patented Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) process provides premium solutions not available anywhere else.

      Laser plastic welding uses no friction, vibration or harsh movement. It is the ideal choice for any sized part requiring a clean join, including?complex 3D contours.

      How It Works

      Laser Welding

      Laser Welding is a joining solution that creates a particulate-free, clean joint.? Laser welding is capable of joining together a wide range of materials. It was developed as a result of ever evolving products and their need to be smaller and perform to a higher standard.

      The Process

      Emerson’s laser welding employs a patented?process called Simultaneous Through-Transmission Infrared? (STTIr) welding. STTIr uses fiber-optic bundles to deliver light from laser diodes to the Waveguide. The Waveguide is a custom-tailored tool that directs the laser at a precise target line to heat and join the plastic. This enables the heating and plastification of an entire weld line at once, and provides a uniform melt down and weld collapse. ?STTIr is scalable from small to large parts.


      Laser welding is frequently chosen for applications which require particulate-free joints and fast cycle times.? Laser welding is tolerant to warpage and defects, complex shapes and parts to be laser welded can be pre-assembled.? The laser welding process does not involve movement or vibration during the weld cycle and can therefore be used for welding delicate internal components.


      Custom Tooling

      Custom Tooling You Can Count On

      We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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