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    1. Welding, Assembly & Cleaning

      Welding, Assembly & Cleaning

      Welding and cleaning solutions designed to meet the application needs of your manufacturing processes and laboratory environments.

      A Global Network of Engineers to Solve Your Application Challenge

      Whether you manufacture at a single site or multiple locations around the world, our team of application consultants and engineers can help you find the right technology to meet your most demanding plastic and metal welding requirements. With a global network of over 70 offices tailored specifically for welding and ultrasonic cleaning, we specialize in teaming with manufacturers and integrators to identify technology-driven solutions that will get you operating at peak capacity.

      Product Categories

      Automotive Components Systems Interior

      Eliminate the Buzz, Squeak and Rattle

      Find out how our vibration welding technology helps automotive manufactures create center consoles faster and cheaper while perfecting a premium fit and finish.

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      Application Assistance Laboratory

      Application Assistance

      Our complimentary?Application Assistance?program offers expert engineering assistance at no additional charge. We’ll help you choose the best plastic welding technology for your specific application and production method.

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