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      Solenoid Valves

      The world’s largest selection of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way solenoid valves, designed to handle demanding fluid control applications

      For Industries Charged with Great Responsibilities

      Our solenoid valves set the industry standard for reliability and reduced power consumption, featuring a complete line-up of directional control, proportional and microfluidic valves designed and customize-able for next generation industrial food production, medical equipment, nuclear facilities and other rigorous applications. Whatever your application need, our world class engineering teams can work with you to create high-quality custom assemblies.?

      Product Categories

      Low-Power Solutions for Oil Wellhead Shutoffs

      Lower Power Solutions for Mission Critical Systems

      Find out how our low-power valves cut system costs by 10% and opened up new business opportunities.

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      Latest News

      News Release

      Emerson Agrees to Buy Aventics

      Emerson today announced it has agreed to purchase Aventics from Triton, a private equity firm, for a cash purchase price of €527 million. View...
      May 17, 2018
      read more

      Emerson Launches New Switchbox Assembly Line

      Emerson has launched a new production line at its ASCOVAL plant in Sao Paulo to assemble TopWorx? switchbox products.
      Sep 25, 2018
      read more

      New Modular Dental Manifolds

      Emerson has introduced a range of dental manifold assemblies that reduce dental delivery system complexity and reduces engineering time for OEMs.
      Sep 21, 2018
      read more
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