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    1. Emerson ASCO Numatics Cylinders & Actuators

      Cylinders & Actuators

      Count on Emerson for top-quality and reliable cylinders that fit the most demanding application requirements.?

      Durable and Reliable Cylinders & Actuators

      Emerson's ASCO?Numatics?cylinder selection covers most any shape, size, and type including non-repairable or rodless. Our solutions?can ship same-day and?will surely exceed your requirements for performance, footprint, cost, appearance, materials or standards.?

      Our?cylinders meet ISO/CETOP?-?ISO/VDMA standards?and we offer?miniature cylinders, NFPA cylinders,?CNOMO cylinders?and guided options.

      We?also?offer a comprehensive range of linear and rotary actuators to meet wide-ranging specifications.?



      Case Packer Solutions

      See how Emerson offers the industry’s most advance pneumatic solutions for packaging equipment.

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