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    1. Upstream Applications for Oil and Gas

      Upstream Applications for Oil and Gas

      Turnkey, off-the-shelf applications for monitoring, controlling and optimizing your oil and gas field operations at the wellsite.

      Replace Custom Programming with Pre-Configured Solutions

      Gone are the days of investing time and money to create custom programs for your operation. Our off-the-shelf application software will make your field operations more efficient by replacing custom programming with simple configurations.

      Simply select the application you need from our catalogue, load into your RTU, and start up faster. Add additional applications to scale up your operation, or change applications as your wells progress through the lifecycle-without changing hardware – maximizing scalability, profitability, safety, and efficiency.?

      Products and Applications

      Latest News

      Automation Maximizes Performance for Shale Wells

      A customer had success controlling the free-flow stage of well lifecycles. Each well is equipped with a control system that manipulates flow with...
      Oct 4, 2016
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      Automation Optimizes Trucking Operations

      A central tank battery approach and automation package has improved onsite safety and the bottom line for operations.
      Oct 4, 2016
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      News Release

      Emerson releases new application software suite for critical oil and gas production and...

      Emerson’s SmartProcess? Oil and Gas Applications Suite helps users maximize efficiency, enhance safety and gain profitability
      Jul 10, 2018
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