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      SCADA Systems

      Transform productivity and profitability by integrating scalable, IIoT-enabled technologies into your operation.

      Flexibility Without Complexity

      A secure, standardized automation infrastructure for sharing diagnostics and analytics enterprise wide will drive continuous improvement from day one and well into the future. But, transitioning from long-standing practices to a new way of doing business requires the right strategy. At Emerson, we apply our deep expertise to help every customer, small to large, implement an agile, intuitive measurement and control automation platform that leverages the existing infrastructure while facilitating change management to drive better bottom line results.?



      Services & Consulting

      Provides expertise to help you operate safely, optimize asset reliability, and improve process capabilities

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      The Latest

      News Release

      Emerson Completes Acquisition of Zedi’s Software and Automation Businesses

      ST. LOUIS, July 8, 2019 – Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today announced it has completed the purchase of Zedi’s software and automation businesses.
      Jul 8, 2019
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      News Release

      Emerson Acquires GeoFields, Inc.

      Emerson has acquired GeoFields, Inc., a leading global supplier of software and implementation services for pipeline integrity data collection...
      Oct 10, 2017
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      News Release
      Apr 18, 2017
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