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    1. Branson Application Assistance

      Achieving Success by Understanding Your Options

      When the application demands a perfect joining of parts, a reliable weld or an immaculate part, customers around the globe look to Branson material joining and cleaning solutions from Emerson. Our application engineers take a process-neutral approach to help you evaluate, select, implement and optimize the right joining solution, no matter the application and no matter the complexity. ?This comes from over 50 years of experience working with manufacturers to develop the broadest portfolio of joining technologies and a commitment to delivering the highest quality and unsurpassed technical support anywhere in the world.

      GSX Branson

      Precise Control for Your Plastic Welding Needs

      Branson’s new generation of Ultrasonic Welding Platform provides precise control for faster, repeatable, high quality welding of intricate plastic components. This new platform enables you to meet your project demands and timelines, achieve consistent quality, and maximize operational efficiency to ensure the expected return on investment for your project.

      Product Categories


      Making a Popular Superfood Super Portable

      Find out how our lightweight-plastic squeeze pouch solution sealed the deals that led to a 900% increase in store locations.


      The Latest News

      News Release

      Emerson’s New Ultrasonic Welding Platform Meets Challenges of Critical Small Plastic Part Assembly

      IIoT-enabled Branson GSX Platform offers precise control for faster, repeatable, high quality welding of intricate components
      Feb 18, 2019
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      News Release

      Emerson Introduces Ultrasonic Wire Splicer to Improve Output, Repeatability, and Quality of Wire...

      Compact Design of the Branson UWS40 Combines with Advanced Controls and Ergonomic Flexibility to Maximize Output
      Jul 12, 2018
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      News Release
      May 7, 2018
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